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Volunteer Information

Volunteer FAQ's

Q: How can I become an RGVLS volunteer?
A: There are many opportunities to get involved in the many RGVLS activities and events we have throughout the year. Call our office and ask about any upcoming events/activities that may require volunteer assistance.

Q: How do I apply to be considered for an RGVLS Committee Member or Volunteer?
A: In 2023, we started a more formal application process that takes place in June & July. Our committee membership is set by September 1. However, there are still opportunities for you to volunteer with any committee by simply reaching out to the committee chair and coordinating directly with them and their committee.

Q: I am on a committee but I have questions that I need help with. Who can I ask?
A: You can call our office directly and ask to be directed to the staff member that works directly with that committee, or ask for the Executive Director & General Manager. They can make the right connection for you or help you with your questions.

Q: Who can become a volunteer?
A: Anyone can volunteer, however, to become a formal volunteer with credentials, you must meet our eligibility criteria and submit for a background check. Committee members must be 18 years or older.

Q: What is the best way to communicate about questions related to other volunteers, committee chairs, events, or other concerns I might have about a committee that I currently serve on?
A: The best way is to call our office. We encourage any committee member or volunteer to work through your committee chair if you have any issues or concerns. You can also complete our Volunteer Communication Form.

Volunteer Communication Form

Do you need info about your role as a volunteer? Please complete this form and someone from our organization will reach out to you soon.
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