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Our Venue - Looking to host an event?

Rent any Part of our Multipurpose Venue


Frances Cooper Event Center Conference Facility
  • Ballroom (600 ppl)*
  • Foyer (250 ppl)*
  • Conference Room A (100 ppl)
  • Conference Room B (100 ppl)
  • Volunteer Suite (50 ppl)
  • Swine Suite (50 ppl)
  • Volunteer/Swine Suites (100 ppl)
  • Cattle Suite (50 ppl)
  • Cover Girl Suite (50 ppl)
  • Cattle/Cover Girl Suite (100 ppl)
* Includes access to kitchenette (sink, counter, cooler)

Youth Center (climate controlled)
  • Youth Center East (300 ppl)
  • Youth Center West (300 ppl)
  • Youth Center East/West (600 ppl)


Payne Auto Group Rodeo Arena (250'x360' fully equipped covered arena)
  • Concert Arena Layout (6,195 seats + 2,000 floor)
  • Equine Events (Roping, Sorting, Speed, Performance, Shows, Stalling)
Chick-fil-A™ Action Spot (100'x125' covered pavilion w/ stage)
Music Pavilion (covered pavilion 80'x120')
Exhibit Hall (enclosed pavilion 100'x225')
Frances Cooper Event Center Pavilion (covered pavilion 600'x220')
  • Swine Pavilion & Arena (180'x220' swine barn w/ arena)
  • Champion Arena (200'x125' livestock exhibition arena)
  • North Pavilion (200'x220' covered pavilion)
Livestock Pavilions
  • Lamb & Goat Barn + Arena (180'x200' barn w/ arena)
  • Steer Barn + Arena (130'x250' barn w/ arena)
  • Rabbit Barn + Arena (60'x180' rabbit barn w/ arena)
  • Horse Stables (80 full service horse stalls, & shore power)
Smokehouse (20'x40' barbecue/smoking pit)


Midway (8.5 acres paved/grass mix)
Vendor Plaza (6.25 acres paved)


RV Lot #1 (204 40amp spaces <30' length)
RV Lot #2 (80 50amp spaces <40' length)
Shore Power Lots (20 50amp wet lots)
Main Parking Lot (27 acre paved/striped lighted parking lot)
Auxiliary Parking Lot (6.5 acre lot)
Overflow Lot (9 acre lot)
Trailer Lot (4.3 acre lot)

Other features:
Box office admission facility.
WiFi throughout most Indoor, Midway & Vendor spaces.

For more information, please contact our Events Coordinator at 956-565-2456 or via email at events@rgvls.com.

Note: All rights to the sale of alcoholic beverages remain with the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and its contractor. Public Events using Main Parking Lot may be subject to parking fees administered per vehicle that will remain with the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show.

Venue Pricing

Venue Rental Inquiry

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How can we reach you?
When are you planning to host your event?
Type of event, # of people, layout, etc.

RGVLS Conference & Event Facilities

Aerial google image of the entire showgrounds/venue facilities.

Our Location

A wide range of facilities (indoor & outdoor) with climate control as well as open-air. Approximately 100-acre facility just about anything you need for your indoor or outdoor event.


front of large building with windows and stoop

The Frances R. Cooper Event Center includes a large ballroom, foyer, and meeting rooms.
large ballroom with round tables and chairs

The BALLROOM is a spacious upstairs hall that holds up to 600 people at tables and includes a riser as a stage, kitchenette for serving/catering prep.
large meeting room with windows

The CONFERENCE ROOM (A, B, or AB) is a spacious meeting space for small and large groups alike.
Elevated photo of a covered pavilion with a concrete slab.

The NORTH PAVILION is a covered open space with water, electricity and overhead fans for air movement. Great for festivals, market days, company picnics, corporate events, or outdoor music events.

Payne Auto Group Rodeo Arena

Aerial view of rodeo arena with colorful tables scattered throughout surrounded by bleachers

The CONCERT ARENA LAYOUT is the arena floor arranged with tables/chairs and a concert stage on the far end. This great open space is extremely versatile for an open-air event.
a dirt arena surrounded by bleachers

A top notch covered RODEO ARENA that includes professional bucking chutes, roping chutes & boxes, rough stock & holding pens, and can seat over 6,195 spectators in bleacher and stadium seating.
horse stables

Excellent EQUINE STABLE facility with 80 individual 12x12 enclosed stalls, each with 110V power and access to water throughout. Excellent facility to host a horse show, rodeo, or other equine event. Stables also have shore power (30amp) service for trailers with power needs.

Chick-fil-A Action Spot

A covered pavilion with a stage.

The CHICK-FIL-A ACTION SPOT is a covered, open-air pavilion with permanent stage and dressing room. Great for outdoor events, market days, festivals, performances, etc.
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