2024 Carnival Megapass
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2024 Carnival Megapass

2024 Carnival Megapass

A MegaPass allows anyone an all-you-can-ride wristband on any single day during the days/times that the carnival is open. The carnival attendants will issue an all-you-can-ride bracelet in exchange for your MegaPass voucher or purchased online MegaPass QR code.

  • Discounted MegaPass vouchers can only be purchased at participating Little Caesars® locations:
  • Discounted price is $20 vouchers until 3/7/2024
  • After 3/7/2024 MegaPass voucher pricing is $30 (online or onsite only)
  • Discounted MegaPass must be purchased onsite at the carnival. Online MegaPass not valid for discount/promotion days.
  • No Refunds & No Exchanges on all purchases.

MegaPass Q&A

Q: How do I redeem my MegaPass voucher or online MegaPass purchase once I arrive at the Showgrounds?
A: Take the voucher purchased (Little Caesars® in-store purchase) or the QR code (online purchases) to the Little Caesars® Redemption Silo located at the midway entrance. In exchange, you will receive as bracelet that you can use on the day of redemption only.

Q: I didn't purchase in advance at a participating Little Caesars® location. How do I get my MegaPass?
A: You can purchase online anytime. Or, if you simply want to purchase a MegaPass onsite, you will need to use BlastPass credits to do so. Go to any blue BlastPass kiosk and purchase sufficient credits for the each MegaPass, then proceed to the Little Caesars® Redemption Silo. You cannot pay for your MegaPass at the Little Caesars® Redemption Silo (credits only).

Q: What is BlastPass?
A: Click here to learn more.


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